Publication requirements


  1. Articles submitted for publishing in the scientific-theoretical journal “Eastern Studies” are accepted in printed form or in a flash drive being produced in Azerbaijani, Russian, and English languages.
  2. Abstracts should be produced in Microsoft Word, written in Times New Roman typeface (size 14pt), 1.5 line spacing;
  3. Margins:

Left: 3 cm;

Right: 1 cm;

Top: 2 cm;

Bottom: 2 cm.

  1. Paragraphs should be indented by one cm space.
  2. Title:

The title of the article should be given first, followed by a blank line, and then the author’s name. The title of the article should be in uppercase, bold characters at the middle of the page. The author’s name should be in bold on the right. All letters of the last name should be bolded and capitalized, for example,



Author's NAME


  1. The author’s academic degree, affiliation, and contact details are given in italics at the end of the page with an asterisk (*) in front of the surname, for example,

 Author's academic degree, institutional affiliation

e-mail: author's electronic mail address

  1. Keywords in the language of the article should be written after the author’s name in 10pt, with one line space before and after:

Keywords: keywords used in the paper

  1. Articles should be divided into internal sections: Introduction, I, II ... and Conclusion. The paragraphs should be named.
  2. References should be provided with a code system; either alphabetical order or the order that they appear in the text should be taken as a basis. Other formattings will not be tolerated.

In-text citation should be given in the following order: (3, p. 15)

The first unit should be the code number of the referred source in the reference list, and there is a break after the comma and period.

The word references should be written, after a blank line, in the middle in bold and italics, for example,


The references should be numbered automatically, not manually. The order of the literature should be one cm. pulled to the right and the left row should be without protrusions, for example,

Book title:

  1. Bernstein R.J. (1990). The New Constellation: The Ethical-Political Horizons of Modernity / Postmodernity. Cambridge, Mass .: MIT Press

Article title:

  1. ПетренкоЕ.Л. (2003). Ю.Хабермас размышляет о модерне // Хабермас Ю. Философский дискурс о модерне. Пер. снем. М.


Conference materials:

  1. 1. Рзаева Р.О. (2012). К вопросу о диалогичности постмодерна / «Диалог культур в условиях глобализации» Материалы Бакинского форума, посвящённого памяти Гейдара Алиева. М.: «Канон+» РООИ «Реабилитация».


  1. Abstracts should be 150-200 words long and prepared in three languages (Azerbaijani, Russian, and English). First the author’s name, in the next line the title of the article should be given in bold. The name of the author should be written in bold on the right, but the title of the article in bold and italicized in the middle. For example,


Author's NAME

Title of the Article


There is a blank line before the author’s name.

  1. Articles that do not follow these guidelines and contain spelling and/or stylistic problems will not be considered.
  2. Articles should be accompanied by an expert opinion of a scientist in the relevant field.
  3. Articles are published based on the approval of the editorial staff.
  4. The journal is paid (except for the staff of the Institute of Oriental Studies). Payment is available at the relevant bank branches.